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Together we create a lifestyle

EKO Development is a Project Management firm whose founding partners are Architects, Interior Designers and Building Science Experts with combined experience of over 80 years. Our unique method of Project Management known as Open Book/Full Discloser is contrary to the traditional GC model.

Our business model ultimately saves our clients time & money while ensuring that our design integrity is met. In addition this method encourages our clients to fully participate and understand how and where their construction dollars are spent.

EKO will cover all aspects of your design for new or renovated construction projects. We will discuss in great detail your construction budget and make sure that your vision aligns properly with your budgetary requirements to ensure your expectations are realistically achieved. Based on your approved Architectural design, we will put your project out for competitive bidding among professional, qualified subcontractors that meet our specific requirements to be considered part of our team.

We arrange for our clients to pay the subcontractors directly at a scheduled fair pace. This will also allow our clients to take advantage of the direct discounted rate that EKO passes on to you from the subcontractor.

EKO will be the sole point of contact for our clients construction project. Since our projects are designed by us we are able to responsibly fast track your project. EKO will efficiently and effectively oversee/run the construction project on a daily basis. We will pay meticulous attention to design/material detail as well as making responsible budgetary decisions with a relentless adherence to the original architectural design intent and vision.

The end result is that our clients have one of the most positive and gratifying experiences throughout the development of their project and are left with a gift that they will truly be proud of.

Kurt, Hans & Charlie
EKO Development